Intervention with soap bubbles, at Night Light Festival in Neve Sha'anan (Tel Aviv, Israel), 25 - 27 December 2014.

Photos by Boris Oicherman unless otherwise stated.

Neve Sha'anan is a neighbourhood in Tel Aviv where many Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers and migrant workers reside, and is often considered as one of the least desirable neighbourhoods in Israel. As in many other places, the refugee population is poorly integrated into general society.

In the past year, the atmosphere in Neve Sha'anan has grown increasingly tense, as many asylum seekers have been sent to a detention center in Holot. There has been increasing raids in the neighbourhood with many restaurants being shut down.

The Night Light Festival was initiated by Yasha Rosov and Ivry Baumgarten, local artists in the neighbourhood.

4 buckets containing bubble mixture and the wands for bubble making were placed on the street, and passer-bys were invited to make bubbles.









Photo by Anat Milman