V'la'ir (English title: and to the city)
light intervention on a building 120m away; 0:35s, Tel Aviv, 2012
Jury Prize in "Besetzt: Diskurse zu Kunst, Politik und Ästhetik", video call, at Platform 3 (Munich, Germany), July 2012

and to the city, there is no beginning and there is no end.
"v'lair ain reshit v'ain sof."

from the poem "Harechovot mamirim l'at" by David Avidan.

Tel Aviv is a city in Israel that is under-going rapid urbanisation and urban sprawl, with housing prices increasing rapidly. The center of Tel Aviv has become unafforable and there were protests in Summer 2011 in the city, where people camped on the boulevards to protest against the rapidly rising rental prices. During a visit to Tel Aviv in March 2012, I found a piece of graffiti downtown on King George Street, using an excerpt from from the poem "Harechovot mamirim l'at" by David Avidan.

I wanted to multiply this idea and magnify it onto the city of Tel Aviv and I began to learn Israeli Sign Language and signed the sentence against the light from an empty slide projector, leading to a magnified “speech” projected onto buildings in the suburb of Neot Afeka in Tel Aviv.





graffiti found on King George St.  

v'la'ir ain reshit v'ain sof