...and the wind moaned (2010)


26 August - 1 October - Tunnel Below / Skyjacking Above: Deconstructing the Border, at nGbK, Berlin

17 May - Talk about 'Legal Disobedience' at Hyper Cultural Passengers, Hamburg.

18 - 19 April - Participant at the Extreme Center Workshop, Akademie der Künste der Welt, Cologne

27 -29 January - 'Amateur' at Un/sounds of Buchenwald, Momentum, Berlin

20 - 24 January - 'Amateur' at Un/sounds of Buchenwald, Gedenkstätte Buchenwald


14 October - 15 November - 'Deutschlands Offene Grenzen' at Bauhaus Essentials: Tutti Frutti, marke.6 at Kulturfabrik, Apolda

17 September - 30 October - 'Deutschlands Offene Grenzen' at 'Baustelle Europa - Europe Under Construction' at Kunsthaus Dresden

17 July - 'Deutschlands Offene Grenzen" awarded a Bauhaus Essentials Prize at Summaery 2016

20-25 June - 'Deutschlands Offene Grenzen' at 'Tomorrow We will Explain', Kunsthaus Dresden (Germany)

2 -3 June - 'Enjoy Your New Life' at Kultursymposium Weimar (Germany)

January - 'Civilian Chess' at The Concept Bank Pays Out, of the Unnoticed Art Festival (Netherlands)

30 December - 21 January 'Attempts at Immutability' at Streetlight, Roman Susan Gallery (Chicago, US)

13 - 29 November - 'Walking from Weimar to Berlin' in the Imaginary Bauhaus Museum at the 2nd Herbsalon, Gorki Theatre (Berlin, Germany)

4, 11, 18 July - 'The Place in Transit' series of conversations on the subject of migration. With Boris Oicherman and Yonatan H. Mishal (Tel Aviv, Israel)

25 June - 'Mini Golf' at Lailah Lavan - White Night (Tel Aviv, Israel)

28 – 30 May - 'The Weight of Work' at HaMekarer - The Fridge (Tel Aviv, Israel)

25 - 27 December - 'All I can do is tell the story, and this must be sufficient' and 'Bubbles' at Night Light Festival (Neve Sha'anan, Israel)

30 October - 'The fire, the prayer and the forest' at Gabirol (Tel Aviv, Israel)

23 October - 13 November: 'The fire, the prayer and the forest' at Navee Navee - Between Heaven and Earth (Jerusalem, Israel)

31 May - 7 June: 'V'lair' at Transborda, Alcobaca Historical Center (Portugal)

25 April - 03 May: 'Attempts at Immutability' and 'V'la'ir' at Contempo - Festival for Contemporary Art (Varna, Bulgaria)

15 April - 13 May: 'MIA in residence at Outpost' (solo show) at Armory Center for the Arts (Los Angeles, US)

19 December: 'Under Construction' at Alfred Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel)

October: 'Photo Green Land' published in Art&Mobility issue on Interartive.org

July: participating in 'Fontaine, school of' project by Lucie Fontaine at ArtPort (Tel Aviv, Israel)

9 May - 2 June: 'Describe the sky to me' at Barefoot Gallery (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

3 May: 'V'la'ir' in Open Monument - Think About Space at Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien (Berlin, Germany)

27 April - 6 July: 'V'la'ir' at Fonland 2013 (Coimbra, Portugal)

25 April - 17 May: 'V'la'ir' at Art-Object-Registration (Lodz, Poland)

11 April: 'Photo Green Land' at P8 Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel)

24 January - 23 February: 'Kotel' in Rishum B'Tabu at Binyamin Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel)

17-18 November: 'Ophelia' at PNEM Sound Art Festival (Netherlands)

7 November: 'Selvage' in Project Green at Tekniska Museet (Stockholm, Sweden).

29 September: "Summer Love" at Naoussa International Film Festival (Greece)

22 September: "Auto-Cannibal" in Low Lives: ISEA (Albuquerque, New Mexico, US)

September: 'Night Lilies' and 'Atlantis' in You Are Here at Kreuzberg Pavillon's 100 days in Kassel (Kassel, Germany)

23 August: "V'la'ir" (performance) at Center of Contemporary Art (Tel Aviv, Israel)

4 July - 4 August: "V'la'ir" (video) in Besetzt at Platform 3 (Munich, Germany), Jury Prize in Video

June: 'On Dinosaurs and Certainty' on Radialx (Portugal)

May: 'Caught' at L'Atelier Kunst Spiel Raum (Berlin, Germany)

April: 'Lovemaking', 'Last things' and 'Death Metal' in VIDEO>forward program curated by Ryan Seslow at Streaming Festival (The Hague, Netherlands)

March: 'Stockholm' at Lycée des Arènes, Traverse Video (Toulouse, France)

14 - 22 December: 'One more cliché for performance art!' at Video Dia Loghi - Velan Center of Contemporary Art (Turin, Italy)

1- 18 December: 'Un papillon sur Papineau' in Streaming Festival (The Hague, Netherlands)

12 November: 'Un papillon sur Papineau' in Out of Range at Castello di Frontone (Pesaro Urbino, Italy)

5 - 19 November: "Involuntary movements that plague my consciousness" (solo show) at Panke (Berlin, Germany)

1 - 9 October: 'Ophelia' at Les Salaisons (Paris, France)

29 September - 2 October: 'Ophelia' at Naoussa International Film Festival (Greece)

15 September - mid October: 'Stockholm' at Binyamin Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel)

10 August: 'Selvage' at Anthology Film Archives: New Filmmakers Screening (New York, NY, US)

15-16 July: 'One more cliché for performance art!' at Konnektor: DA 2011 (Hannover, Germany)

13 - 16 July: 'Ophelia' at Festival Images Contre Nature (Marseille, France)

27 - 30 June: 'Ophelia' at Center of Contemporary Art of Tsibilsi: Love Video 2011 - Brigade des Images (Georgia)

19 June - 25 July 2011: En attendant le matin Exhibition by Vienne Chan at Casa Bernardo; Rua Maestro Armando Escoto 9, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
This exhibition is made possible by Museu Bernardo, with the support of Clube Português de Artes e Ideias